Mind Over Matter

Friday, March 16, 2018
I've always been unfair towards my own life. I always looked up towards the the chapter of my life that I've screwed them up, unconditionally. Despite of cherishing the beautiful moments and favors that He has sent me.

I'm sad. 
More towards disappointed. 

Yesterday was a big day for my brother.
And of course the day before yesterday was quite a nerve-wrecking day for him. I could see that from his eyes. He barely could talk, or even smile towards the joke that our dad usually cracks haha. 
He must be really nervous until he could not let his day off without Quran. (Im so proud of him :))

And when life decided to give him the life that he has always been dreaming about, of course, being me, as a sister, I could never be anymore proud of him. He finally made his high school journey worth every single tears. 

Although he did not manage to strike them all, but, the amount of A's and the quality that he has built in every single subject is totally amazing. 

Oh BTW, I just got into a car crash on Tuesday morning. Even though that was not even my fault, but I do feel guilty for the trouble that I've caused my parents. My mom could not even go to work like usual, she has to car pool her office mate. And my dad has to be on leave for two days to settle everything. But Alhamdulillah, my car is now safely sent to Perodua's but it might take a bit longer that usual since there are many parts that need to be fixed and changed plus we do not have them with our cash money, but we have them claimed on the 3rd party insurance. 

The sadness was real, I tell you. 
I could see it from both of my parents' eyes. 

But, the sadness was completely wiped away when Allah decided to make our Thursday morning be the ultimate cure for the painful Tuesday. 

"So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?" [55:13]