Mind Over Matter

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
"Lost and Found"

It has been a weird months. Since few months back.

There are some people whom I expect for them to remain with me forever. Strangers that been slowly allowed into this soul, people with words we want to hear, with the love we want to deserve. I hold them so close, in adjescent my heart and my ribs crack from the pressure.

Then, suddenly becomes the very air that I breathe- without them the life itself seems impossible.

Some said, leaving is hard but once you have left, it will be easy. Surprisingly easier for you to breathe without them, than with. Trust. Have faith. Why do we have to try and force ourselves to stick with something that not been destined for us? Why do we have to put on so much effort while on the other side, they don't? But still, the power of love seems work to make it possible.

This is how life goes;
People commonly come and go. It is a real phenomena. To stay was just like a bonus. Even ample of effort that you made, still won't be able to stop them from leaving. And I'm talking about, mate. A soul mate.

If we are never meant to be, then why did we cross paths together? If you will never meant to stay, then why should we meet-when everything never spelled to atleast last for forever. And I forgot that, He knows the best.

Everything is torturing. 

What I want, sometimes will never be mine. You were all I ever wanted, but seems like I can't have it. I feel haunted by the things we once had. Is it wrong to want you to stay? To fight for every inch about me? and to win? High expectations always end up worst, but why? 

Don't push it, qila. Just don't.

We are blessed too, even we are vexed. To luxuriate in the every sad moment of ours is okay, but don't be for too much. Try. Trust yourself. Have faith in every things you do. That's it.

The thing about you was, the air that filled my lungs- that helps me to keep breathing, to stay alive. But the thing about me is now, finally learn how to breathe without you, like I used to, before. I'm trying finestly to creep away without leaving any sign. 

I can.

I believe that, things will be okay.

qila. //6.47p.m