Mind Over Matter

Friday, October 24, 2014
By the time I finish this sentence, this time will be no more.We are constantly living in the past; as one second starts, another is lost to the infinity black hole and will never be able to come back. It is sad to know that I could only spend my whole day doing nothing more than converting oxygen to carbon dioxide even though I know that time passes away.

Time flies. We all know that very well and I take this as the main reason of why should I really need to appreciate every single thing. We could never buy our past time just to live in some particular good moments we have had before. We could never be able to live in our past even after showing how really need we are by crying blood. It is impossible yet still we are sometimes do not take the opportunity to do the best that moment when the chance is given. You are forbidden to ask me why does this happen because I do not know because basically we are in the same spot.

Today is the day of October. It means, I have a week before SPM. When writing this essay, I could remember things that happen in this hectic year as a final-year-student in school. Every Friday morning spent waking up early in the morning, wearily set about the task of tidying up my room, having fun learning new extraordinary things about Addmaths with friends. The day where I suddenly go super hyper in class and end up crying at the end of the day. The day spent enjoying Bakso made by our class teacher, the super talented cooker, with friends who are rushing to finish their homeworks for the next lesson, friends who steal my meatballs and end up sitting and smiling without saying anything because they feel so full. The boy who encourages me to finish my works by giving a warm smile. Friends who help you in Mathematics, but not before laughing at my pathetic inability to do so. The itchy school uniforms, the hours spent at school with the people I watched grow. Friend who glances at me whenever he see me with my annoying faces. Friend who will spend her time on baking rather than finishing her homeworks. Friend who keeps on asking on how to gain weight just because I look like one. Friends that buy me an ice-cream whenever they see I am drowning. The nights. The phone calls which start with shy hellos and end with whispered goodnights.

These will be all gone, someday. The feeling of love living as classmates, friends, sisters, brothers and even a family, waking up on a misty Sunday morning and realizing that you truly do love school because of them, trips back home from school right after the classes end, drunk with the happiness of a day half gone: these will all past.

One day, all these could be thoughts before my bed time that will bring questions to my validity and if there is people who throw me with a question on "What is your favorite pass time?", these all could be really the best answer that I have.