Mind Over Matter

Friday, October 10, 2014
Rule is just a word. It is sometime can be considered as a noun, and maybe a verb. Depends. In other words, Rule can be a 1. Folklore (unpublished rules which are brought by behavior and they are essentially understood)2. Guideline (commonly built to show how to do something) 3. Mandates (Obviously a published command which could never be ignored and for those who refuse to follow have to be punished). Everything, everyday, everybody needs rule, and I'm pretty sure that this world really needs rule.

Rule keeps you from slipping.

I guess.

Because for me, I fully agree that Rule can successfully lead us into perfection. Without Rule things are not be able to be composed harmoniously. But some people might say that they hate rules because they are complicated. They hate to be shackled by rules because they desperately want to live their life freely OR yes it is simply because of their laxness? (it is 'us' because at some point I feel the same way too;- hating rules because I'm lazy). Don't we? Well this is only my opinion, everybody got their own sentences to keep their argument. So, no offence. Clear?

However, don't we realize that things will be scantly hard to handle without the existence of Rule? Let us see, rules are built in our home too. Like, 1. The one who is going to hang those clothes after the washing machine done its job- Kakak. 2. Adik- needs to sweep the floor at least 3 times a week. 4. Mom will prepare for our meal everyday. 5. Dad will send you to school by 7.20 a.m. 6. Do not leave your dishes without cleaning them after you eat. 7. Don't forget to wash your hands before eating. These are the typical rules in my home. And of course if  I don't do my job, this world will turn out mad which is my mom will obviously change into a monster and scold me. (I bet everyone will be experiencing the same thing too)

Even when we are to write a sentence,  we have to follow those grammatical laws or else your sentence will sound inevitable awkward and might cause difficulties for people to understand and at the end, the message that you are trying to deliver can not be reached by them. In relationship, one of the rule that must be follow to keep it real and long lasting is be loyal. Do not cheat or you will end up crying for each of the night. Can you imagine, we are living in this planet called Earth by everyone without Rule? I can imagine how terrible it will be. Earth is also following the rule which is to orbit around the sun and if it does stop orbiting, what are the consequences that might happen later? Absolutely, we would face Hari Kiamat. Am I right?

So, here I just want to show you rule was built for us. The benefits will be returning to us and nobody is allowed to break the rule since you might face the consequences later either a year later, tomorrow, or even a second after that.

In other words, Rule is also can be described as a map. You have to follow the maps for the best result. If you are afraid of the word Rule, change it into a Map. It is same, you just need to follow them. You will feel the bliss. Trust me. Easy right?